Niagara.. the spot to be. Even in the rain! Sept 27, 2012

Well, our City is buzzing right now.. We are in the throngs of the Grape and Wine Festival here in Niagara Region.. the home of beautiful wine, and amazing fruits. 11 days of full out festivities during the month of September.  Amazing when you think about it.
A friend of mine  and business associate told me yesterday afternoon her downtown building of business was already rocking yesterday from the events at Montebello Park. This beautiful and historical park, which is the core of many of these events is smack dab right in the middle of residential homes that every year undergo massive traffic, loud whoops and laughter, and many many porta potties. It is the place to live.

Last night at the park, Platinum Blonde. Seriously. For free. Really, how amazing is that? So far, surprisingly, no clips of last night’s events on You Tube, but here is a feel of them. Platinum Blonde.  Now.. I did have to let my daughter Kerri know that they were the hottest band during the decade she was born in. Then my youngest daughter Jessie, had to remind me that she wasn’t even born when they were hot.. and that she turns the big 20 in a few short weeks. Whatever my little people, I am sure they rocked the park last night! The pics on facebook are proving it was a packed and happy crowd!

Today, the Pied Piper Parade, where little ones line the streets uptown in their costumes to be centre stage in their own parade. I remember as a child, sitting and watching this parade with awe.Wishing I had a buggy to pull, or a costume and wand which seemed to be all that you needed to be a part of this magical moment.

And the folks from Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.. our Twin City as of 1968. Every year, lovely people would fly into the city, make their home at the Old Welland Hotel on Ontario St,  and enjoy the festivities.. they came to play the drums, make great music, entice people to learn to dance Calypso Style and help to finish up the main event,  now technically called the 61st Annual CIBC Grande Parade . (They may call it that, but us locals still know it and probably will always know it as the Grape and Wine Parade!) I remember feeling memorized watching these beautiful people play and dance. What excitement they brought into our City!

Check out the list of events for this fabulous Niagara Wine Festival , and support it. It’s a beautiful thing. We really are lucky to have this come to our Community, year after year.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is proving to be a fun day. Here’s the plan.. 4 of us gals are packing up our bikes, throwing them into the back of my honey’s truck and heading to NOTL to experience The Discovery Pass. Which in a nutshell, is a a great day of fun exploring our choice of 6 great wineries and their offerings, wine and culinary pairings.
Because tomorrow was the ONLY day we could get together to do this, and we are not able to spread it out over two weekends, AND we could not find a Designated Driver to escort us, we have decided that tootling around from winery to winery on our bikes would be the most responsible way of travel. So if you see 4 smiling gals on bikes tomorrow, honk and wave! I will try to check back and in and let you know how fun the day was!

Head out, and enjoy what this area has to offer. It’s a beautiful spot, this Niagara Region. Even in the rain.