A glimpse into a Realtor’s mind (mine) on a rainy day. November 23, 2012 5:45am

Morning. It’s 5.22 am, and I’m not sure why I’m up. Maybe it’s the rain and the wind. Maybe it’s the fact that my husband turned the light on at 4:30 to get off and running to his work. Either way I’m up.And it’s wet here in Niagara.

We work hard, I want you to understand that. We work till midnight if need be to make sure we make deadlines while negotiating offers for our clients. We work while we are out with our family for dinner. We sometimes have to miss the parties that you invite us to. We need to be as flexible as a slinky. Seriously. And we do it all for you, our clients. We want to serve you. That’s why we do what we do.

BUT when days like this come along, and the rain is beating at the windows, we really wish we had the day off. Just to snuggle up with our puppy in the bed for a few more hours. To grab a great book and cuddle up by a fire. To bake cookies. To roast beets. The thought of putting up signs and showing properties all day long in this weather is just not so appealing on a day like today. If it was sunny and 24 degrees out, yes. But it’s not. Today’s a day where we all really want to play hookey.

But being the Superwomen and Supermen we are,  I’ll see you at the office at 9:15. I’m meeting a Client to sign the acceptance of the Offer on his property. Then off to go put a sign up on a cute little home in St. Catharines. Then back to the office to continue working on some marketing ideas. No showing homes in the rain today.. unless you call me of course. Enjoy the day.. if you can snuggle with your puppy, or grab a great book, enjoy it, and think of me!