And the Winner is !!!! September 26, 2012

Allessandria is the lucky gal who has just won a 7 week Art Course at St. Catharines Academy of Fine Artists!

Congratulations Allessandria.. and a special thank you to all those who entered this season’s CREATE 2 WIN event..

This is a great opportunity for young children and teens to explore the love of drawing and painting! For those kids who love to draw, or find a special happiness with their brush in the paint, for those young children who seem to have some creative juices flowing through their blood, for the teens that find peace and solace with their head down… creating.. This is the place for them.

Our next contest will begin in December with classes starting in the new year. One person chosen from each of two age groups.. 7-13 and 14-17. Judging will be based on creativity and technique in both age groups. Let them show off their art! If you would or your child would like to be given notice when the contest begins, please just drop me a line!

As most of you know, my youngest daughter Jessie is a flourishing and amazing talented artist.. I watched the hours tick away when she was younger, her head down, drawing, creating and making magic. She has a gift to bring to the world.  At the young age of 20, her work is already serving it’s purpose in  galleries among Niagara, in people’s homes, on their mantles, making people stop and think, and reflect. Her work seems to do that to people.

If you ask her who the important people in her life were.. the ones that edged her on, and gave her instruction, Ed Tolenko is at the top of the list.

Ed Tolenko is the instructor for The Academy. A wonderful and talented artist. Ready to help inspire, encourage your children. And you. He also holds Adult Classes.. check out his site, and treat yourself.