Fighting the Big C… Super Hero? Nope.. Just lucky :) March 19, 2012


So, here I am again..”Where did you go?” some of you have been asking… And at the request of quite a few people, I will be back and blogging. It is not till you stop doing something that you find out it is missed. 🙂

The last few months have been a whirlwind… trying to stay “normal”, doing laundry, selling homes, being a Wife, Mom and Yammi and Realtor to lots of people, while in the background lurks the results of a breast thermogram done in Nov with the results coming smack right before Christmas. So, I don’t have to chatter on about what it is, here’s a good link explaining…

Was it a biggie.. yes… you see, for most of you, you won’t or don’t know.. I am a breast cancer survivor. Of almost 3 years.

The year was 2009. While everyone in the “real world” seemed to be worried about getting hit by a possible recession, my family and I were fighting like hell for me to be here right now.  2 cancerous tumors, 1 surgery, 28 give or take rounds of almost daily radiation at

Juravanski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, and a suggested 12 weeks of chemotherapy which for my own personal reasons, I choose to pass on.

And after that, the healing began. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. For all of us. The love from my family, here and my very special PEI family, my friends and co-workers, my neighbours, still sometimes leaves me overwhelmed. I thank you for your rides back and forth to Hamilton, your gifts, food, cards, texts and obvious love. And I especially thank you for your anger at this stupid disease… It is seriously what fueled me.

And just when I thought I had started to glue it all back together, these new results came in. And turned our lives upside down once again. The great thing about digital screening is that it has the ability to detect cancerous activity 3-8 years ahead of a mammogram and ultrasound.  Which is also a bad thing when you’re not expecting it to come back positive.. because it can’t be detected through normal means in the oncology field for up to another 3-8 years.  2 different areas…left breast. …. Now what to do?

So off to my mammogram gal, and then an ultrasound, and then back to visit my mammogram gal, because they see a shadow. Then on to the hateful biopsies because something, something small is showing up. And just so you know, I believe, the biopsy table is the place you learn who you are. It is the place of “this is it”, the place where all the worry comes to settle. My first one in 2009 was a moment of absolute true realization or intuition …call it what ever you want to.. that I had cancer. And that my life was about to change. Drastically. And I bawled on the table that day…fear, loss and anger all settled on that white sheet.  This one, I had toughened up… my intuition told me I didn’t need to worry too much about this one little bump, but I was aggressive and bold to the doctor. I told him that this was my one shot today to find anything and it was up to him to do it.. I was putting it all in his hands. I told him I loved my life, and so he better do this… do it fast but do what you need to do. And don’t stop till you are satisfied.. and maybe I said a few other things 🙂

So, finally, last Wed, Franky and I head off to my lovely amazing “go-to oncologist guy”,  Dr. Michael Levesque. And finally, finally, he comes bouncing into the room like he always does, gentle but bouncy, and says proud as a peacock “It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s benign…Where are you going to celebrate”!” Those words are like getting hit in the gut.. but in a good way… Frank and I later agree it takes a moment to get your body back to breathing mode again. Later, I realized I haven’t been really breathing since December when this whole thing started.

So, one scare out of the way…for the other little rascals lurking around and too small to show their face right now ( I like to think of them as too scared) .. watch out, we’ve got our eyes on you.. and we WILL be watching for you. The way I figure it, we’ve got early notice about them coming, which puts us at a huge advantage, and them at a definite disadvantage.. but for now, they can stay small and quiet.

It’s starting to feel like a Clint Eastwood movie.. can you hear the music? 🙂

So here I am again, back to being a Wife, Mom and Yammi and Realtor to lots of people.

Happy and grateful <3