Holy Guacamole and Salsa! November 12,2012 7:47am

Saturday morning. 2 days off track for my blog. How did I know this would happen? New habits take time to become habits, I am learning, hee, hee.  Thursday came and went.. a busy day in real estate. Friday came and went, offer accepted on a wonderful client’s home, spent a beautiful hour at Michael J. Brenon School in north St. Catharines sharing their Remembrance Day liturgy with 2 of my grandkids.

Then off to get ready for our Mexican Fiesta night at my home. I have decided that I do make the best black bean dip, likely the most fabulous homemade salsa and the best kick-butt guacamole this side of the globe! Also, tried a new dish..fish tacos which were da bomb and gone in no time. Served with a white sauce, avocado, fresh salsa, shredded cabbage and a squeeze of lime.  And don’t try to replace the cabbage with silly old soft lettuce.. trust me.. it’s the cabbage that rounds this out to pure yumminess. You can check them here..     http://www.relish.com/articles/fish-taco-recipe/

I have a passion for food.. It likely stems from the Polish side of me.. if in doubt…eat. If happy…eat. If someone you love just passed… definitely eat. It has become a source of comfort, celebration, and connection in my family. When we gather together, it always involves food. Lots of it. We are a pot luck family.. which always brings new and creative things to the table. Now that my three daughters are older, and branching off to explore their own worlds, beautiful dishes show up at my door. And out of respect for my plant based diet.. or my daily attempt at it, the most beautiful vegetarian/vegan dishes are brought to be shared.

Last night was such a night.. a belated birthday celebration for my husband Frank, who has been in Montreal working for close to 3 months. So the family gathered, and a few close friends, and we spent a great night laughing, eating, and re-connecting, sharing stories, and trying new things. A bit of Mexican flair and decoration around the home, mustaches on everyone, and we are set! Us old folks finally folded at midnight, and off we went to bed with the sound of Rock Band drums, guitars, singing and laughing in the family room.

A very special thank you to the people in my world. You are my people, and I love you like mad.