In the Dark…………… November 7, 2011 7:59am

Morning everyone, going to make it a quick one today…. I have a train to catch back home to St. Catharines this morning! I spent a great weekend in Montreal with my husband..didn’t want him celebrating his birthday alone! And yes.. I did some shopping.. how can you not, when you are in Montreal?
So, I promised I would let you know how our dinner went at O.Noir Saturday night.. it’s the restaurant where you’re seated in a completely dark room, and being served by blind wait staff. The idea is to share the experience of not being able to see. Well, what an experience it was!
Feeling around, finding out where you felt comfortable having your silverware, and your drinks. How far do you reach out to get your water or wine? I found that I had more food off my plate and on the table than in my mouth. One of the things we noticed is that the volume of the room was amplified.. sounded like everyone was yelling, or at least talking incredibly loud. Both of us found ourselves trying to raise our heads for some reason.. can’t explain why, perhaps to try to get above the noise?? Is this the different senses kicking in?
Overall we did really well, till Frank tried to share his drink with me.. we BOTH ended up wearing his rum and coke. And everyone should try sharing dessert with each other in the dark. Careful, you may end up with mousse on your nose!
So, I’m heading back home after a well deserved break. I’m looking forward to jumping back into the real estate market tomorrow morning, checking out any new homes in Niagara that have just hit the market. Also excited to meet with my marketing guru’s tomorrow morning to continue jazzing up the website.. so watch for new changes coming to
Chat with you Thursday!