October 27th, 2011

Well, today may not be the best day to start a blog.. seeing as I have waved the white flag for the afternoon and left the office… the chills have been chasing me for 2 days now..and I am giving in…for today. I’m tucked away in my home with a cup of Herbal Tea and my blackberry by my side, enjoying the fire that I came home to (Thanks Jessie!)
So, although it may not be the best day to begin, today it is. I have thought long and hard about this blogging business. “Did I want to start it, was I too busy, would I be disciplined enough to keep it up, what would I write about, wouldn’t people get bored of real estate topics, would I say the wrong thing?” And because, I have been unsure, I have simply done nothing. Which, by the way is doing something I’ve been told.
Only time will tell the answers to those questions I guess, and I hope that you will journey along with me as I attempt to find a good ground, a bit of a mix of real estate along with all the other things that happen in our day to day lives..Or at least mine. As much as I love selling and buying homes, and helping all of you do just that, I think even I would get bored of talking about nothing but real estate. So, I’m betting you will too.
So, as the temperature drops outside, and the dampness begins to settle into our homes and into our bones..sit back for a few moments today, dream of all that you should, a nice fire, a new home, a new home with a hot tub( p.s…that’s the real estate part of today’s blog by the way).
Me, I am going to stay by the fire, with my tea and plan my tomorrow.