October 28th, 2011

Morning all.. I hear that one of the “to-do”s this morning was scraping the frost off the car windows here in Niagara. Brings on mixed emotions for all of us I’m sure.
For myself.. it reminds me that we are now finishing up on the last of our fresh local fruit and veggies, that roasted squash and homemade soups are just around the corner, and that I better get all the kale out of garden pronto!
Last night I received an interesting note from a very well respected Home Inspector which got me to thinking about what we should expect from our local professionals.
As a Buyer, you need to be able to rely on their knowledge, their expertise, honesty and professionalism. You have hired them, and as the Buyer, you pay for these Services- so shouldn’t we expect the “whole shebang“?
I was surprised to find out, that, at least from this inspector, that they generally don’t open EVERY window to make sure they are all in working condition, but they that they try a “representative amount”. The same for electrical outlets, I am being told, they make sure there are working ones in every room, but don’t necessarily check every plug.
As a Realtor, and I am sure you as the Buyer, would assume that if you were doing a report that included windows, that all windows would be checked. Not a big deal in the winter to have a window painted shut, but wait till the spring breezes roll around! The same for electrical outlets.. I want to know that ALL plugs are working, safe, and up to code.
I have learned something new, but now I know…and you do too. Check with your Home Inspector when selecting one, ask the questions. I know I will.
P.S. This weather has also got me to thinking of hot tubs and snowmobiles, which both, by the way, require lots of snow.. If we are going to have winter..let’s do it right.