Surprise.. Reality Realty is not Real! July 31, 2012

Morning everyone.. it had to happen. The time has finally come to spill the beans.

More and more, when I meet with Buyers or Sellers lately, the topic of conversation, questions, and assumptions eventually lead to the same few things.. about how to negotiate an offer in the middle of the night, the best strategies when looking at homes, shock that there are no stainless steel appliances, the horror of an old carpet not being lifted, the notion that the sale price of the home can be increased to cover the Buyer’s down payment, and the exciting thoughts of Tens of Thousands of Dollars being given to the Buyer from the Seller, who of course we are hoping, is desperate to Sell.

Enter Realty TV. And the illusion that all of this is actually real.

I do get asked  whether I watch this home show or that home show.. and I have to admit, I watched one half hour Reality Realty Program once, and then about another 5 min of another.  I simply had to shut it down. It is no way reflective of the true hunt of a home. Or the way things really are. It is simply pure entertainment.

Based on the latest “House Hunters” Scandal, the folks that are searching for homes while you sit and watch, have actually purchased. Yep, they have already bought. The allegations are that the 3 homes you watch them go through.. 1 is the one they have bought and are actually living in at time of shoot, and the other 2 homes.. well, they are not even on the market for sale. Purely entertainment folks. It is all staged, and played out for your pure entertainment, and their ratings. A big fat whopping check is given to the family to help them play along for you.

My concerns with these programs, is that the public buys into this.. The Buyer believes he is educating himself, and he has likely sat for hours and hours, learning all the tricks of the trade of Buying and Selling, only to find out.. that in the real world, very little information is of use or valid. They come to us, the professionals, with wonderful ideas of creative financing, and skilled negotiations already whirling in their mind.. they have spent their precious hours dreaming of how this will all work, only to be left feeling like they have been duped. It can be hard on the ego, to know you have been fooled.. especially by a little box,  or a full screened one, that sits in the corner of your room, or above the mantel. It is difficult to know that you sat and got fooled.

So please, watch if you want some great fun, some pure entertainment, and have some time to kill. Pop some popcorn, and grab a beer. Do a marathon run, and call it movie night. 🙂