Way to Go, Kelly!

Way to go Kelly! My intuition told me from the first day I met you that you were a real pro at your work. You rolled up your sleeves, stepped up to the plate and calmly hit a home run in the first inning. I’m impressed. With your savvy of the business you knew what was needed to get the job done and I followed your advice.. There was no way I would have not fixed up the house properly. As I got to know you I could tell that you are a special lady and I felt from the get go that you truly cared… There could not have been a better scenario or person to help me get this job done… I feel lucky to have found you to help us and I’m grateful for everything you said and did. I’m sure the new woman and her kids will feel the love and caring that we put into that home.. and she will be able to be at peace living there. Everybody is glad I’m back and they are blown away at how things went. Lots of people are hearing about Kelly Richard in BC and in Ontario.. St. Catharines is actually a very nice place to be and especially nice because your there.. All the best, Kelly.

Thanx so much..
Your Island Friend,
Ryk Ryce