Whaaatt… You’re how old??? July 12, 2012

Well, Today’s The Day. I made it. At 6:10 am, according to my Mom, I was born.  50 years ago. For many years, years ago, she would call me.. at 6:10 am.  It won’t be happening this year.. or ever again. She passed away early this year, and is a place much better and specifically designed for her I am sure. Heaven is a place she longed for.. I am confident she is smiling and thrilled about being there.

Many of us, especially us gals, would never tell a soul that we had just turned this magical old age. Never mind spreading it out on a blog for the world to see.  I remember when I was in public school, my girlfriend Jayne and I would lay in her bedroom listening to Chicago, and talk about never getting old.. like 28 years old..never mind 30. I think we even did the “prick the finger and swear in blood”  kind of promise. We could somehow see our way through the 20’s, but heading into the 30’s?? Never gonna  happen.

Surprise Jayne… we are both here… Thank God.

A few years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I wasn’t sure if I would make it to this point. So, you see, this is a biggie for me. A cause for Celebration.  So, yes.. I feel like screaming “I made it” on every building top in the City.  If we had mountains, I would scream it from the top of them too.  Which ironically, is where Jayne is. In the middle of Calgary, enjoying the mountains. Good for you.

I am tickled pink to be here, and to be 50. Seriously.  I hope I get to do this again in 10 years. Cross your fingers for me!

They say you get wiser with age. With age comes wisdom.  Hmmm…

Truth is, I am still searching. Searching to find out what I want to be when I grow up. Still trying to get over childhood fears.. of failing. And of succeeding.  Learning that I am a different person from a few years ago, and trying (desperately at times) to fit into my new skin.

You know who I learn from? My fearless children. Each of them teach me something. For the most part, my three daughters are fearless, confident, hard working, resourceful . They are also kind to a fault (sometimes), giving, and loving.  I learn from them… they forge ahead, with no thought of failure, no fear of success.

“Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down” was my favourite saying about my oldest, Lindsey. Somehow, somehow.. she always managed to land on her feet. She continuously tested the waters, but always came out standing. “A Wild Mustang”, my friend and real estate coach,  Coach Patti would call her. Now she raises two of the most beautiful people in my world.. my grandchildren Keira and Nathaniel. They drive me crazy and I love them.. I am their Yammi, plain and simple. And for now, they idolize me.


My middle daughter.. Lord how she hates that title. But that is exactly what she is. Kerri.. my beautiful middle daughter. Gorgeous, showstopper, strong, and “came from the school of hard knox”, as my grandma used to say. Determined. No swaying this girl. Everything is black and white, or her way. And that’s that. And I love her for that. Hardest worker on the planet. She reminds me of my Dad in that way. She has just taken on a new position, she has her own store, her own gas station. Petro Canada on Ontario St, across from JJ Kapps.. I hope you will show her your support by filling up your vehicles there. She deserves success. She has worked long and hard for it.


My youngest, Jessie won’t even entertain the thought that she will fail in the Art World, and for that, I am certain she won’t.  She is the ripe young age of 19, and is making a huge name for herself already in the St Catharines area.  Talented beyond belief. She has a gift to give. I believe it is her duty to share this with the world. She jumps in, sometimes with no life jacket, and manages to stay afloat. I adore her spirit. And I envy her courage. She is a reminder of what her older sister was like. More than she knows. On her Word Wall, she has written “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”. Written by the great Mark Twain. I think it is fabulous.

So, Jayne, we made it. And I, at least, am just a wee bit smarter for it. I am looking forward to hanging around and learning more from my 3 girls. Who sometimes, teach me more than I am able to teach them. Thank you for being mine Lindsey, Kerri, and Jess,  and for sharing your worlds with me. Happy Birthday to Me. 🙂